The World's Best Cat Brush

For All Cat Lovers:

What is it? This is a new and truly unique way to interact with your cat. If your kitty enjoys attention and being brushed, this will simply rock its world. Your cat can groom and entertain itself or you can pet it or brush it while it rubs its head, neck, cheeks and chin on the fixed brush. It's solidly mounted at just the right angle to give your cat the perfect place to rub up against. The natural boar bristle brush is just stiff enough to completely satisfy your cat's "scratch my chin" desire.

Does your kitty come up to you and rub its head on your legs?

It's trying to tell you something: It wants a WowMeow!TM

It's only  $39.95!

The quality construction consists of a sturdy wooden deck covered with a super plush and ultra soft carpet pile that cats just love. Giving your cat a special place for grooming will bring you joy. Brushing your cat is very stimulating and helps to maintain a shiny and healthy coat while reducing hairballs and loose fur around the house.

Your cat will purr and purr and purr. 

(Don't be surprised when you find your kitty napping in their luxurious new happy place.)

Check out the YouTube link to see it in action:




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